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Transport Management

Management Assistance


  • Transport Economist for development of Intermodal services in Turkey (October 2022 - present)

  • Team Leader for Strategic plan for passenger service improvements State Railway of Thailand (2013)

  • Management assistance to city government and operating authority of Jakarta MRT (2012-2014)


  • Railway restructuring of Romanian Railways (2009/2010)


  • Private sector participation assessment of Jordan National Rail Project (2010/2011)


  • Team Leader for International Logistics Centre/Nodes Network Study in Central Asia (2010/2011)


  • Deputy Team Leader: Transport Management Specialist Rail Development in Central Java, Indonesia (2008)


  • Railway operations specialist for Azerbaijan Railways restructuring project (2006/2007)


  • Team Leader: Malawi Transport Cost Study (2004)


  • Modernization of Bucharest – Constanza rail corridor Romania (2003 – 2008)


  • Railway restructuring/privatization options Swaziland (2001)


  • Preparation of master investment plan for Indonesian railways (1999)


  • Railway development and restructuring in Uzbekistan (1997)





Post Evaluations of Investment Projects


  • Construction of new rail line Dali – Lijiang in Yunnan Province, PRC (ADB; 2012/2013)


  • Evaluation of transport and urban infrastructure investments in Georgia (World Bank; 2007)


  • Project Performance Assessment Report for Nepal multimodal transit project (World Bank 2007)


  • Project Performance Assessment Report for Dhaka Urban Transport Project (World Bank; 2006)


  • Project Performance Assessment Report for inland waterway projects in China (World Bank 2005)


  • Project Performance Assessment Report for railway rehabilitation projects Romania/Bulgaria (World Bank; 2005)


  • Project Completion Report for road improvement project in Bangladesh (ADB 1996)

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