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The Grand Express to St Petersburg

There are many trains between Moscow and St Petersburg; the fastest make it in four hours. There are also many choices for overnight services, taking around eight hours. I chose the what I considered to be the best of the overnight services: The Grand Express, touted to be the only privately – operated passenger trains in Russia. Leaving Lenningradski Station in Moscow and arriving at Moscovskii station in St Petersburg just over eight hours later, this proved to be a fantastic experience in ultimate luxury. The Grand Express offers single compartments, with a wide bed, en suite toilet and shower, as well as a closet to store on board baggage. Also included is a hot breakfast, served at the time of the passenger’s choice, as well as a taxi service after arrival to any hotel.

This Grand Express, while grand indeed, is in no hurry. The 650 km are covered in 8.5 hours, while the high – speed Sapsam trains do it in less than four. Tomorrow I will take the Sapsam for my return to Moscow.

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